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Well-being For Work

I fully believe that a business is only as strong as its people. I believe that training staff in how they can look after themselves and take ownership of their well-being is fundamentally important. Knowledge of self-care, stress management and finding a healthy work/life balance makes the difference between a good workforce and a great one. Getting the key factors in well-being right is so important to staff productivity. In fact, latest research has shown that good quality sleep, rest, diet, “me time” and exercise actually makes staff have more energy, are happier and are also more productive!


As a captain of industry yourself, you understand the need to invest in your employees, to make sure you can get the best from them and to ensure their happiness and commitment. To that end, I offer talks and workshops. Please read through my details below and get in touch with me if this is something that may be of interest to you. 


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Sincerely, Kim MacLeod

 Topics to Choose From 


I can be flexible with regards to the time each session lasts for, depending on your needs. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.


The importance of Self-Care & Well-Being


Key Messages: Learn the importance of self-care, align your mind, body & emotions and gain a sense of inner peace whilst creating balance & harmony in your life. This workshop will leave you understanding the importance of topping up your inner well and knowing that self-care is important, not selfish. Feel empowered, create self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem. This wonderful class has been developed from one of my most popular programmes Harmonize and Rise.


Stress Management & Relaxation


Key Messages: Understand what stress is and what causes stress, the short term and long-term effects of stress on our health and our mind. Learn about the nervous system, the flight or fight response and the rest response. Learn tools, techniques and exercises to destress, relax, calm down and reduce any health-related conditions caused by stress. Tools and techniques to do at home and in any situation where you need to stay calm.


How To Get It All Done Without Being Done In


Key Messages: It takes more than just time management to get everything done. It also takes energy. This class will cover the following topics: Physical health and energy, learn to breathe deeply, increase your emotional resilience, have faith, grouping types of work together using your brain, time blocking and scheduling.



Key Messages: This workshop will cover the benefits of meditation (physical, psychological and changes in the brain), we will explore what meditation is (and what it isn’t), learn how to meditate, how to prepare to mediation, posture, timekeeping, different types of meditations and the most common questions people have about meditation.

Wellness Support for Women


Key Messages: Women in today’s society are pushing themselves harder than every before, juggling careers, being carers for their loved ones and also being mothers. This workshop explores the importance of self-care, a healthy mindset, emotional resilience and the ability to accept the circumstances of our life and to surrender and let go of what we need to, such as stress, victim mentality and anything that no longer serves us. Create healthy self-esteem so instead of surviving, women can learn to thrive. Learn about the importance of rhythms in your life.


From Fatigue to Thrive


Key Messages: This class has been designed to help individuals who are suffering with constant exhaustion, burn out, stress and anxiety. The programme is for you if you feel out of balance and feel like you are struggling through life. You lack energy and may feel drained. You may experience either chronic stress or an illness such as ME/CFS and fibromyalgia. If you are sick of being sick and feel helpless and stuck. You are not coping emotionally. You will learn the basics of transforming stress, exhaustion and burnout.


Exploring Emotions


Key Messages: Understanding emotions and mindset, why we feel negative emotions, busting myths about emotions, the 3 things people do wrong, signs you have unresolved emotions, healthy and unhealthy emotions, how to use your emotions to harness success and the 4-step plan to bounce back from emotional setbacks.


Goal Setting


Key Messages: Have your best year ever and explore areas of your life for you to improve upon. Explore the rules for success, who you really are, get clarity on your goals, learn how to create goals and how to move towards them. Exercises include wheel of life and group/one to one coaching to move towards a goal.


“Kim’s commitment, enthusiasm and empathy shines through. Her total commitment and belief in the programme engulfs all she does, the way she shares snippets of her journey adds a vital human perspective making the programme feel even more emotional and essential. Saying thank you just isn’t enough”.


“Kim totally captivates everyone with her well-spoken and informative dialogue. She speaks from the heart when she talks about her own experiences in life, describing her burn out while suffering from ME and how she managed to change her life around. She has empathy with everyone who has been through these stages in their lives. Her talks are captivating and I admire her strength and ability to turn her life around. I realised that if Kim can change her life in this way then it wouldn't be impossible for me to do the same. I felt so much more positive to make the necessary changes in my life”.


“The programme has taught me some invaluable life lessons. It has reminded me of my natural qualities and strengths and has motivated me to use them. It has helped me become much more confident. I feel much more positive about my future”.  


"It was perfect and really resonated with me. There was a really nice vibe in the room too. I could have sat there all day! Please let me know about any other events."


"It was brilliant. I could listen to you for hours. Keep up the good work."


"It was very enlightening. I grow and learn more every time I visit you."