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My Testimonials 

I cannot thank you enough for the experience. The ethos of the sessions and the value of self-care has been a revelation.  Your commitment, enthusiasm and empathy shines through. 

Sarah Ellis

The programme has taught me some invaluable life lessons. It has reminded me of my natural qualities and strengths and has motivated me to use them. It has helped me become much more confident. I feel much more positive about my future.  

Katy Campbell


I have overcome any stagnant feelings I had been holding onto. It is great to look at my life with renewed vigour. I feel like a different person from the person who first walked through your door. I found you to be very intuitive with great warmth and gave true guidance from the heart.

Sharon McGee

When I first approached you for help, my confidence and self esteem were very low, my view on my future life was very bleak. This was the result of my very long, painful and toxic divorce.   Now I am very focused on my children, my home is a calm and loving place and I have joined new groups so I have a full social life and I am in the very early stages of a relationship.  I have a new  three year life plan and am going to evening classes to change my career. Before I saw you when I was at my lowest, I didn't ever imagine that my life would change so much for the better.  I am stronger then ever and able to tackle the good and bad that life brings my way.  My past was bleak, but my future now shines so bright. Thank you.

Rebecca Moore


Your gentle approach allowed me to tap into the areas of my life that were deep and resistant. I felt safe which made it easier for me to talk about things that I had suppressed for a long time. I sloughed away the layers of ingrained belief patterns and felt more and more comfortable within myself. You have helped me to focus on the positive things in life.

Mary Hall 

What People Say About My Events

I have attended two of Kim’s seminars/workshops and have enjoyed them immensely. Kim totally captivates everyone with her well spoken and informative dialogue. She speaks from the heart when she talks about her own experiences in life, describing her tiredness, being worn down and burnt out while suffering from ME/CFS and how she managed to change her life around. She has empathy with every one who has been through these stages in their lives and gives tips and techniques to try to change their ‘every day thoughts and negativity’ and the dreadful feeling that ‘nothing will change'. Her talks are 'captivating' and I admire her strength and ability to turn her life around and make her dark days bright again. 

After the two hours or so I realised that if Kim can change her life in this way then it wouldn't be impossible for me to do the same. I felt I walked in feeling negative but walked out  feeling calmer and more positive. I knew I was more relaxed and ready to make the necessary changes in my life.

Rose Evans

"It was perfect and really resonated with me. There was a really nice vibe in the room too. I could have sat there all day! Please let me know about any other events."

"It was very enlightening. I grow and learn more every time I visit you."

"I feel much lighter and brighter after today. Thank you"

"It was brilliant. I could listen to you for hours. Keep up the good work."