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Healing ME with a Harmonizing Mind-set

If you have any experience of ME/CFS you will understand that is isn’t like normal fatigue at all and that it really does effect every area of your life. I know, I lived with ME for 10 years. I have however learnt so much about my condition and I believe in my ability to heal and ongoing recovery. I only buy into the stories of people who have healed themselves, recovered, or who have greatly improved their quality of life by tuning into themselves and their precious bodies to fully understand what it is they need to do to move forwards. The information below captures a small part of what has helped me and what I have learnt about my own healing, since embarking on my recovery journey. Even if you don’t suffer with ME but you have a health problem or you are in need of some inspiration I hope it helps you too…..

Stay centred in Faith and keep a positive mind-set that all will be well. Doubt, frustration and worries all drain energy and send signals to all the cells in our body that we are not on track, and our bodies respond accordingly. Patience, perseverance and faith are the key, let go of any worrying thoughts and calm your mind of wanting to reach your goals right now.

Be willing to Let Go of attachments to people, places and things that don’t serve you or your illness right now. If you need to downsize your beloved home in order to free up some capital, or spend some time alone in order to not spend time around people who drain you, or you need to leave that gruelling and demanding job, let it go. Letting go allows us the space and freedom to heal and when we are back on track and our energy increases we can look to those things again. Or maybe we might come to realise we don’t actually need those things anymore because we gave ourselves the permission to change.

Surrender to the unknown and stop trying to control your health, your surroundings, the people around you and your life. When you want things to be perfect, when you want people to treat you differently, when you want things to change, the effort that goes into this can be oh so draining, increase anxiety and we end up in a vicious circle of trying to be in a different place to where we are.

Calm your system down by reducing or stopping stimulation, this means slowing down, stopping and resting. You can do this by taking 2 days out and switching off electrical devices, putting your to do list on hold and learning to rest and to simply be. When we are overwhelmed, stressed out or tired or we spend too much time on electrical devices our bodies and our minds become over stimulated and if we don’t calm it down things will only continue as they are and your healing process will take longer.

Do less than you can achieve. If you can’t do it every day – don’t do it at all. The idea here is to view your energy levels as though they were a hot water tank and to keep the water tank topped up with hot water at all times. Drain your energy and there will be no water left in the tank. On a good day to not do any more, do not play catch up. If you do, this will lead to boom and bust. Stop before it stops you.