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How much do you REALLY want to change?

We go through ups and downs in life, sometimes we feel good and at other times we feel rotten. That is part of life. Life isn’t perfect. When we feel low, depressed or angry it is all too easy to scream and shout, to turn inwards instead of reaching for support, to go off our diets and turn to comfort food, or to reach for a glass of wine or beer. But what if we were to stay on track, to deal with our problem face on, to delve right into our emotions? Sounds scary……yes it is. I have been there.

I have faced my shadow side head on and at other times I have ran for the hills, turned to the self-sabotaging behaviours that I know won’t do me any good, but boy do they feel good at the time……… Then I realise……….the problem is still there…..

I had a call from someone who was looking to give up smoking. We discussed her smoking habit, how much it was costing her (health, money and even her marriage as her husband was repulsed by it). I suggested she book a 12 session programme. She told me she couldn’t afford it and she decided not to go ahead. When I did the maths it worked out that the 12 sessions would cost less than half of the money she would spend in cigarettes in those 12 weeks. She was spending over £50 a week, that's £3,000 a year on cigarettes! I figured that she just didn’t want it enough.

If we want to change we have to REALLY want it. We have to put in 100% commitment because 80% just isn’t enough. We have to remove anything that isn’t in alignment with where we are going. We have to make the choice and the commitment.

The questions to ask yourself are: How does your behaviour affect your life? What will happen if nothing changes and things continue as they are? What is it costing you to have this problem?

The trick is to stay on the right path NO MATTER WHAT. Stop getting side tracked and stop drifting. Find your true hearts desires and purpose in life (be it mother, employee, coach, healer, shop assistant, friend) and work at it. If you need space for silence and solitude to make it worthwhile, then fight for it. A warrior fights through temptation and gains new strength from doing so.

It is about not giving into our shadow, but learning to be its friend and learning to stay on the path. How much do you really want to be, do and have all the things you dream of?