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Well-Being Services



Stress Management, Mindfulness & Relaxation  - Relax and reduce stress and anxiety and cultivate a more peaceful life. Supporting you to practice the art of deep relaxation during stressful and challenging times.

£20 for 30 minutes/ £40 for one hour 

Meditation - Learn Mindfulness Meditation


£20 for 30 minutes/ £40 for one hour 


Angelic Reiki - a form of energy healing which works to cleanse, heal and balance your energy on a physical, emotional or mental level. 


 One hour session £30


Dream Analysis- Unlike most dream analysts who use books to look up symbolic meanings and generalised themes, my dream analysis techniques are a little different.  I see dreams as a means for your Higher Self to communicate with you, as well as providing you with an understanding of what’s going on in your life and a method of solving problems.  Dreams are symbolic metaphors packed with information. They are personal to you and you alone. 




Basildon, Essex, UK


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