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Healing Pathway

Healing Pathway is a mind, body and spirit makeover. A 16-week emotional and well-being proramme taking you on a healing journey into inner peace, increased wellness, renewed energy and a happier you. 


Who is the Healing Pathway Programme for?

Healing Pathway has been designed to help women who are suffering with emotional or physical burnout. The programme is for you if you feel you are struggling through life. You feel constantly stressed, anxious and emotional. You have issues from your past which you may have worked on, but still feel stuck and out of balance. You may lack energy, feel exhausted and may feel drained through either chronic stress or an illness such as ME/CFS and fibromyalgia. You are sick of being stuck and feel helpless. You are not coping emotionally, may be prone to unhealthy habits or self-sabotage and are just living in a state of survival.  This is YOUR time to experience emotional clearing, healing and deep transformation to create a more healthier, resilient and happy you.

Healing Pathway will take you on a powerful journey of understanding why are you are stuck and connecting you with the wisdom and whisperings of your body. You will take responsibility for your well-being and learn how to heal and transform stress, exhaustion and burnout. You will feel more relaxed with an increased sense of inner peace. You will gently review your life, create a greater sense of wellbeing, empowerment and belief and learn to honour your deepest needs.  


You see, when you get better, everything gets better.

My Story…


Just like many of you I have experienced painful setbacks and traumatic situations in my childhood and journey into adulthood. At age 15 signs of emotional stress crept in. I experienced signs from my mind and body that something wasn’t right but I didn’t know why they were showing up or what they were. I have been through anxiety, depression, unhelpful coping mechanisms and the long dark night of the soul.  By the time I turned 30 I began to get really unwell. I developed glandular fever following some very stressful situations in my life. Glandular fever turned into post viral syndrome and then Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME)/ chronic fatigue syndrome and my life started to take a very different turn.  I was no longer able to go to the gym, my dance classes, or have a social life. I managed to hold down my full time and busy job until 2014, when I gave birth to my daughter and eventually went off sick, never able to return to work. I became isolated, withdrawn, depressed and fed up. My health went down the toilet, along with some of my friendships, my relationship and my finances. It took some years to build myself back up and I had to completely turn my life, my mindset and my daily habits around. Every time I felt I was getting somewhere I slowly slipped backwards again and sometimes I felt my life just wouldn’t get any better….have you felt anything like this? 


I realised I needed to let certain things go, in order to recreate my life. Following on from my previous life coaching and spiritual training I embarked on a journey of recovering my energy, my confidence and self-esteem. ​Through doing some intense work and using tools I have learnt over time I have gradually picked myself back up and have a much deeper appreciation for myself and I am looking forward to living a bigger, healthier and more authentic life.

And I’d like to share with you how I did it so you can do the same...


One of the things I found hardest during my journey was knowing who to turn to and who to reach out to for support. I eventually realised that it was much harder to do it alone. I realised that I needed the support of someone, whether it be a counsellor, mentor, spiritual coach, or someone to help hold my hand, nudge me in the right direction, someone to listen without judging, someone to teach me how to empower myself, how to raise my energy physically, mentally and emotionally so that I could start to feel alive again. So, if you are looking to build your own foundations for awakening your energy and inner strength let me guide you on along The Healing Pathway.


I would be delighted to share this journey with you.

Love Kim xx


What is included in the Programme:

  • 16 weekly recorded videos (so you can catch up if you miss one)

  • Access to the private Facebook group with care, love and guidance

  • Accountability check-ins and Q&A sessions

  • Regular Facebook lives in the private group or Zoom calls with further support, tools, actions and inspiration

  • Homework and Exercises

  • Meditation and Hypnosis

  • Access to me by email

  • Bonuses and offers

  • Handouts and tools to take away

  • Harmonizing Lifestyle Evaluation and gentle lifestyle planner

  • 1 x 60 minute private coaching call with me during or after the programme

The life changing benefits you will discover from this programme include:

A journey into the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual approaches to healing

How the majority of symptoms are created

Getting to the root of illness and stress

Reducing symptoms, triggers and arousal

The importance of self -care

How to fall in love with where you are right now

How to tune into your body’s natural energy and well-being

Learning about emotions on a deep level

Emotional release

Identify how your emotions are affecting your energy and health

Harness your emotions for success

Mindset healing and realignment

Heart centred life review and future vision

The most important things for recovery

….and much more

The Investment

This is an intensive programme and there is an investment for you to make both in terms of your time and money. What you get out of the process depends, to a large extent, on how much time and effort you are prepared to put in.


Introductory offer: Pay in full £1,500

Payment plans are available – 4 monthly payments of £380 (one month required up front as a deposit)


This programme will be open to a small group at any one time – so spaces will be limited. 

Start Date

You can enrol on this programme at any time

If this programme is calling you please book a free call with me by clicking here.  We will explore your suitability for the programme and ensure you are are ready to commit to it and make the investment in yourself.

Success Stories

“Kim’s very gentle and intuitive approach allowed me to tap into the areas of my life that were deep and resistant.  At all times I felt safe which made it easier for me to talk about things that I had suppressed for a long time. I sloughed away the layers of ingrained belief patterns and I felt more and more comfortable within myself. Kim has helped me to focus on the positive things in life and to enjoy whatever each day brings. Thank you for your help Kim, you are a very special person”.


“Kim’s commitment, enthusiasm and empathy shines through. Her total commitment and belief in the programme engulfs all she does, the way she shares snippets of her journey adds a vital human perspective making the programme feel even more emotional and essential. Saying thank you just isn’t enough”.


“Kim totally captivates everyone with her well-spoken and informative dialogue. She speaks from the heart when she talks about her own experiences in life, describing her burn out while suffering from ME and how she managed to change her life around. She has empathy with everyone who has been through these stages in their lives. Her talks are captivating and I admire her strength and ability to turn her life around. I realised that if Kim can change her life in this way then it wouldn't be impossible for me to do the same. I felt so much more positive to make the necessary changes in my life”.


Please note: I am not a licensed medical doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist or counsellor.  This programme in no way replaces a diagnosis, treatment or advice from or prescribed by a medical doctor, psychiatrist, financial or other specialist professional.

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