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Discover your life purpose, then pinpoint and remove obstacles that prevent you from living it; Heal painful emotions, such as guilt, anger, sadness, fear, hurt; Control anxiety and stress levels; Eliminate panic attacks and phobias; Achieve and maintain your ideal weight; Increase your physical and mental energy levels; Tackle depression; Quit smoking and other addictions; Improve your self-esteem and confidence; Find a sense of direction, purpose and meaning to your life; Find ways to get yourself out of a rut; Identify and achieve your goals; Take control of your life; Skyrocket your success; Experience relief from physical ailments.


There are multiple levels of being that we often forget about on a day to day level.  They consist of  the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves and blockages can exist at any of these levels.  When blockages exist they disrupt the individual’s life and sense of oneness. Clearing away blocks brings conscious will into alignment with inner purpose, which enables us to experience life differently, find a sense of direction, purpose and meaning to your life and to use your intent and attention to create the life you want.  You will break through the barriers and move to the highest level of personal integration and wholeness, allowing you to become your most authentic self and revealing the “real” you. 

People come for a personal breakthrough for many different reasons. Some people have a clear reason for coming or a specific problem they want to resolve. Other people don’t know what the problem is but continually fail to get what they want out of life.  Some people think that things can’t be changed, preferring to think that’s just the way things are. During your programme you begin to realise that it’s when you allow yourself to dream of the changes that you begin to believe they are really possible. You will find that you start to take action to achieve those changes and to achieve your dreams and you will feel different.

What To Expect...

You can expect your life to change in ways you hoped for and expected, as well as in ways that surprise and delight you. As your old limitations are peeled away, you’ll feel full of energy, motivation and purpose. 

There Are 3 Stages to this programme...

Pre-tasking (6 – 12 weeks)

Once you are registered, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire. We will speak regularly, usually weekly, either on the phone or online.  During these sessions you will be set some tasking or homework, which you are expected to complete between sessions.

Personal Breakthrough Intensive 

This stage can be held in a number of ways:


The first option is to have an intensive therapy and coaching session over a two day period. When I feel you are ready for the intensive, the first day will be booked. You will be advised of the estimated time for your intensive - this is usually 8 to 10 hours and I usually suggest you allow for a full day, which will very likely flow into a second session on another day which will need to be booked in shortly afterwards.


The second option is to have a weekly session over 4 weeks.  Each session will take approximately 2 hours.


The session will begin with me asking you detailed questions to pinpoint the problem and find the root cause. Together we will find your life purpose, identify your core motivation and energy drivers so you can tap into these.  Next you will be guided through a series of therapeutic interventions to remove the limitations and restrictions that prevent you from living your purpose.

Integration (Ongoing)

Following your sessions you will be given further tasking and follow ups to ensure you embody the changes you have made. There will also be the option to have additional sessions with me to ensure integration and provide you with support to move forward and take positive action.

Please contact me to register your interest for this in depth and intense personal transformational one to one programme.  

If you would like to discuss payment plans or options please let me know at the time of booking. I am currently offering a concession for individuals on low incomes.